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Behaviour problems are something all parents across the world experience. I know having 5 children of my own!.... Sometimes things are not always easy.
 I have put together a few articles to help struggling parents.

I'm Sure from time to time this is something we all experience, but sometimes some toddlers/children are worse than others, and never seem to stop the tantrums......
ParentHood doesnt need to be a difficult time....

Many toddlers/children can be aggressive and have frequent tantrums, tantrums can include biting, kicking, screaming and hair pulling. If a child is misbehaving or having tantrums it is usually due to some underlying reason like stress, unhappiness, psychological reasons, diet, exercise, sleep and television.
Positive Parenting  and some good parenting skills is a great start, but sometimes this is not enough and we get unsure what to do......
There is some wonderful help available in the happy child guide and you will learn various tips like parenting, child development, terrible twos, child biting, child psychology, day-care, temper tantrums, why kids throw a tantrum, how to stop them and much more.
If you need help with parenthood and your child's behaviour problems, this might just be the answer you've been looking for with the happy child guide.

Is your child miserable from being bullied?
Well!    Whether we like it or not bullying is a part of many children's lives, approximately half of all children report being bullied at some time.
A child being bullied is affected in may ways, school work suffers, low self-esteem develops and friendships are affected.
Bullying takes place in many forms like hurtful teasing, pushing and shoving, malicious gossip, racist or sexist comments, phone abuse, physical violence and threats.
If your child is being bullied and you want to help them, try reading this book on children being bullied and take back your child's rights and happiness.

A child who pushes others around suffers just as much as the victim!......
Bullying is a big issue in schools, in fact when ever there's social contact usually comes bullying of some kind. Usually there is a reason a child is being a bully, like to stay popular, make friends, or keep a friendship group.
When parents find out their child is a bully it can be a shock or shameful and parents respond by defending them and the bullying.
Don't defend or judge you child.........The next step to good parenthood is to confront your child and during this conversation it is very important that you stay calm, your child needs your understanding...
For more help on this situation (Click Here)

We all make mistakes at parenthood as we try to do our best at raising our children! Things just don't always seem to turn out the way we had planned or thought they would.......
I know raising 5 children life is not easy, I made plenty of my own mistakes and wish someone had answers to help me 15yrs ago. I have recently read this great book that I wish I had back then.....
It covers topics like temper tantrums, out of control teens, earning respect, lying, house rules, doing chores, separation and much more.
This book is not only great for parents but expecting parents would also benefit from reading this, so as not to make the mistakes that many of us make with our children. Click here for more
ParentHood should be enjoyable for the parents and the children.

Parenting for today's teenagers

Does your teenager blame you for everything?.........Scream at you and is extremely disrespectful...Would you like to handle the situation and help your teenager or even better learn to communicate with your teenager without it ending in an argument.
Feel like a good parent again and get some help with parenting your teenager. If you want to learn the methods to stop physical and verbal abusive behaviour, what to do when your teenager is defiant, obnoxious or disrespectful, how to deal with rude and angry behaviour, lazy teenagers, step-parenting, money issues, teenager drug and alcohol problems and much more then this book is for you. Here you will learn all the tools to help you and your teenager, this book is great reading and very beneficial. Parenting for today's teenagers

We would love to hear some of your stories and wish all parents the best of luck..........
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